Ferroluce: From Iron to Ceramics to a Burst of Color

Ferroluce began its journey in lamp production in 1982, creating wrought iron ceiling lights: a very versatile material that was appreciated at the time for its modernity and elegance. Over the years, we felt the need to search for different materials, not only with optimal technical characteristics but also linked to our corporate values. We found all this in ceramics: organic, pliable, and particularly suited to manual processing, it still guides our work today, and together with the study of innovative colors and styles, allows us to experiment year after year with new lighting solutions that adapt to changing times.

Our lamps are "slow" because they are born from patience and attention.

They come to life through a careful and slow production process that enhances the workmanship of every detail: these are our lamps, made one by one through what is known in the jargon as Slow Manufacturing, a method that values the creativity and manual skill of our artisans, allowing us to create products of great value, entirely handmade, perfect in their imperfections.

Time, but not only: at Ferroluce, a primordial connection with nature and the beauty of craftsmanship is rediscovered, giving uniqueness to each lamp.

We chose the path of sustainability well before it became a prominent theme in society. By adopting ceramic as the sole production material for our lamps, consisting exclusively of clay, quartz, and alumina, we symbolically connected ourselves to the nature around us. To illuminate your homes with products that encapsulate, in every detail, the most pure naturalness and beauty. As nature dictates.

This choice is coupled with the desire to continue producing each lamp by hand, in a context that is far from mass production. Thanks to the use of an extremely versatile and easily workable material like ceramic, our lighting solutions respect the environment and family tradition, offering the customer an inimitable excellence and uniqueness.

Finally, the color: for lamps that illuminate the world from Italy.

Especially in the DECò collection, we wanted to emphasize the characteristics of each product by combining different color tones. This has given birth to lamps with an original and distinctive character, capable of giving you emotions that cannot be expressed in form alone, and protagonists of always innovative architectural projects, which perfectly furnish places with modern, industrial, or classic styles.

A diversity that, from Milan to Warsaw, reaching as far as Seoul and Chicago, becomes a fundamental value of our brand, allowing us to experiment with the use of new technologies and materials, without ever losing a 100% Made in Italy soul.