Ferroluce: bring color to life!

Ferroluce was born in 1982. Miriam and Valter Valentinuz wanted to create lamps, which would inspire the fruit of their love for iron and ceramic manufacturing. Today the company, run with the help of Monica and Giulio, their daughter and son, still maintains a strong bond with the tradition through handmade manufacturing and materials, but at the same time it finds new technical and formal solutions to go beyond set patterns and explore new markets.

The aim is to create lamps for the whole world fall in love with, amazing everyone from Finland to Asia to the United States.

From iron to ceramic and color

Ferroluce began its history in lamps production, creating wrought iron ceiling lamps. Wrought iron is a very versatile material and at that time it was highly regarded for its elegance and modernity.

During the years we had the need to find new materials with excellent technical features but also in line with our company values. We found all this in ceramic: it’s organic, ductile and particularly suitable for manual processing.

Even now it still guides our work, and, together with the study of innovative colors and styles, it allows us to continuously explore new lighting solutions adaptive to changing times.

“Slow” lamps, result of patience and care

Our lamps are made with patience due to a slow and precise manufacturing process that gives attention to every detail. They are handmade one by one through our “Slow Manufacturing” process. This approach enhances the creativity and manual skills of our craftsmen and allowing us to create completely handmade products of great value, that are perfect in their imperfections.

A primitive bond with nature

We chose the philosophy of sustainability long before it was a prominent issue within society. We create a symbolic connection with nature by choosing ceramic as the only material. It’s exclusively made of clay, quartz and alumina.

Our products ensure in each and every detail the purest naturalness and beauty, just as nature intended.

A dip in ferroluce nuances

We love to experiment with colors and our aim is only one: the pursuit of beauty.

We believe that every single nuance is essential to give our lamps an original and distinctive character that conveys different emotions and feelings to each of us.

Especially in our Decò collection, we wanted to emphasize the characteristics of every product matching different nuances to create lamps that are able to emit emotions, not only through their shape but also through color.